Hudson, Quebec, Canada
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Vêtements Façade

Unique and stylish clothing store

Map for Vêtements Façade

Vêtements Façade is owned and run by Jeanette Plamondon who has turned the small store into a unique and attractive source of fashions for both young and the young at heart. Known for her unique and original ideas, the owner first drew many Hudson residents into her store to see the artwork on the walls and they stayed to look at the clothing. She then made headlines by placing one of her stylish dummies out by the road - unfortunately some residents without a sense of humour complained and she was forced to return the dummy to her display window. Vêtements Façade has often helped organize youth fashion shows and the store is popular with the younger set.

Vêtements Façade is located at 532 Main Road at the western end of the central business section and can be reached at (450) 458-2160.